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LECB Waste Management Working Group Webinar: A Conceptual Approach to Mitigation in the Waste Sector

LECB Waste Management Working Group: A Conceptual Approach to Mitigation in the Waste Sector

March 25, 2015. New York City/ Buenos Aires

Around 11.2 billion metric tonnes of solid waste are collected around the world every year, and the decay of the organic portion contributes around 3-5% of global GHG emissions. The fast growing waste stream is increasingly complex to process, while global solid waste generation is on pace to increase 70% by 2025, with costs to deal with waste also rising considerably. Human health and the environment are increasingly at risk due to inadequate waste practices. Illnesses and infections, ground water pollution, GHG emissions, and ecosystem degradation are just some of the impacts (UNEP, 2014).

Greening the waste sector, however, can create economic opportunities and new jobs, and generate environmental and economic benefits, including resource savings. For example, waste offers a potential source of renewable energy through incineration.

The 60-minute webinar will give an overview over these opportunities in the waste sector as well as the basic elements to establish integrated waste management strategies.

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